Je, moi et nous

Wood, Screen, Computer, Camera

Je, moi et nous

The installation "je moi et nous" is a mirror that overlays the face of the visitor with a stream of selfies from social networks.

In social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, each user creates their own digital avatar. The shape of these mirror images is also influenced by other avatars that we encounter continuously in social networks, which leads to a mixing of the self with the images of other users.

When visitors approach the mirror, their faces are captured and tracked by a camera. The closer the person comes to the mirror, the more their reflection is overlayed with faces from the social network Instagram. A script loads current photos with #mirrorselfie and maps them onto the visitor's face.

developed in the new media class at UdK berlin | Supervisors:
Prof. Joachim Sauter
Luiz Zanotello

Mirror 1

Mirror 3 Mirror 4